Carolina Mountain Solar | Benefits
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Break free of increasing energy bills

Solar can substantially reduce or even eliminate your monthly power bill, for decades to come. Indeed, standard manufactures’ warranties on solar panels are 25 years, although it is not unreasonable to expect most of them to making quite a bit of power 30-40 years years from now.

 The bottom line: Solar is a fantastic business investment, providing solid returns on investment year after year.

Legally avoid taxes
 Slash your business’ income tax with a 30% tax credit – that’s money you can legally avoid paying at tax time!

 Plus, you can take depreciation and deductions against the cost of the system over the next 5 years.

 The credit is made up of a 30% federal tax credit, which can typically be spread out over several years if necessary.

 Note: A tax credit is not a tax deduction. A tax credit is much, much better. It can be used to pay off your owed federal taxes. So, it’s sort of like receiving an IRS “gift card” that can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars at tax time.

Get Free Grant Money
Local farmers, wineries and small business owners are all eligible for solar-related USDA grants, i.e. “free money.” A USDA grant can cover up to 25% percent of the total cost of a system!

 We have already helped several Clay county farmers obtain thousands of dollars of free money for their solar projects. Note: The 2016 deadline will be in the spring, for the whole year. Apply soon!

 Grant application coaching/assistance available.

Make a premium passive income
If your system generates more power than your business uses, you pocket the difference. That’s right: your utility company might end up owing you money, and it will cut you a check if that’s the case!

Of course, few things are as consistent as energy cost increases. But your solar payback rate will increase as electricity costs creep up, guaranteed!

 This agreement lasts for 20 years.

Add value to your property
When it comes time to sell, won’t it be great to explain that your farm or commercial property comes with low/no monthly electric bills?
Create a positive branding statement

By adding a solar, you are making a statement that your business is a conscientious member of the community which will differentiate you from your competition.

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!”

– Bill Gates